December 16, 2008



WAAV’s AirBox X2 Provides WiFi Internet on Boston's Commuter Rail

Dual-connection cellular router from WAAV provides wireless Internet access to the MBTA’s commuter rail, the first system-wide rollout of WiFi on a commuter rail in the United States



Cambridge, MA - December 16, 2008  - WAAV® today announced that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has selected the AirBox® X2 dual connection cellular router to provide free public wireless Internet access on the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail (MBCR). This is the first full scale deployment of cellular wireless Internet on any U.S. commuter rail system. The rollout, to be completed in 2009, will include WiFi equipment on 258 commuter rail coaches. 


A special press event was held Monday morning at North Station in Boston to kick off the official start of the MBCR’s free public WiFi rollout, alongside two WiFi-equipped commuter rail coaches completely wrapped in bright orange graphics. The ceremony was moderated by the MBTA’s General Manager Dan Grabouskas, with a keynote by Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray and concluding remarks from Deputy Secretary of the Executive Office of Transportation for Rail, Tom Cahir.


Lt. Gov. Murray, who is largely credited with initiating the project, was exuberant as he praised MBTA General Manager Dan Grabauskas, the MBTA team, and the project’s vendors for “having accomplished something in a relatively short period of time that has not been done anywhere else in the country”.


“We are a leader in productivity, and the presence of the WiFi connectivity on our trains, on our commuter boats, and hopefully, some day, on every transportation entity, is something that we should take pride in.” The Lt. Gov continued, “the citizens and visitors of the Commonwealth, and even some of the New England states that utilize our commuter rail trains, boats, etc., will be connected. Because of that, we can again highlight and accentuate our connectivity, our intellectual capital, and our productivity here in the Commonwealth.” WAAV, a Massachusetts-based technology company, had already been chosen to provide WiFi on the commuter boats in addition to being one of the vendors selected to participate in the commuter rail WiFi pilot program.


WAAV's AirBox X2 establishes two 3G cellular connections simultaneously and increases bandwidth by using both of these cellular links for data transport. With increased bandwidth capabilities, the MBCR’s 18,000 daily passengers can easily connect to the wireless Internet connection through their laptops, iPods, wireless mobile devices, and PDAs.


Since its release in 2007, the AirBox X2 has quickly become the ideal solution for providing cellular broadband to mass transit. In addition to the MBTA, several other mass transit providers including Bolt Bus, Greyhound, Washington Deluxe, and LimoLiner have standardized on the dual connection AirBox X2 because it can support more simultaneous users than any single connection device.


The fast, free wireless Internet access provided by the AirBox X2 makes commute time significantly more productive for commuter rail passengers, increasing the appeal of mass transit and in turn significantly increasing ridership. Dan Grabauskas confirmed this when he noted that “no other issue has ever generated so much positive feedback as WiFi on the trains.”


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The AirBox X2 Mass Transit Edition is available now at www.waav.com. To learn more about how the AirBox X2 Mass Transit Edition is helping transportation companies or how it can be used in your industry, please visit www.waav.com or call 888-GET-WAAV (888-438-9228).


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